List of Theora videos

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This is a list of sites where you can download videos encoded with Theora.

Demonstration videos for AIGLX, a project that aims to enable GL-accelerated effects on a standard desktop.
Video syndication network
Media site with video torrents.
PUNKCAST#905 Richard M Stallman
Two video clips: What's GNU? + St. IGNUcius
GPLv3 Conference, January 16-17 2006
Speeches by Peter Brown, Eben Moglen and Richard Stallman.
Lego Movies
Two short movies: A New Computer and Swim.
Tech TV torrents.
The Giver
BitTorrent tracker with independent videos and music.
CTU Prague Archive
Creative Commons adverts + feature film Honey.
Speeches about the GNU Project's philosophy
Featuring Richard Stallman et al.
Red Hat Videos
Videos about the GNU/Linux vendor's customers and solutions.
New Waterford Girl
Canadian comedy from 1999. Unauthorized copy (not legal in all jurisdictions).
Free Electrons Conferences
technical talks given at conferences about free software.