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Who the are we?

"We're Xiph.Org" Oh, you mean us, (Monty and Greg Maxwell)

What has happened in the past year?

  • In-browser playback, long promised, became a reality.
  • Firefox 3.5 shipped; HTML 5 with Ogg is a reality.
  • Cortado improvements
  • Cortado is not a stopgap, it's possibly the most capable solution right now.
  • Ogg Kate: Demo!
  • Browsers and browser plugins also started actually supporting seeking


Promised encoder improvements shipped

Thusnelda shipped as Theora 1.1 with a completely refreshed sourcebase on encode and decode. Theor ano longer has any code in common with original VP3 sourcebase. That wasn't exactly a goal, just a statement of where we've gotten to.

What is happening now

  • Current Ogg coverage
  • Ogg continues to be more of a realiy than h264 (at least for web

video, at least for now).

  • Native support: Firefox market share: 31%, Chrome: 5.28% Opera: 3.3%
  • Plugin Support: Safari (XiphQT) 5.2%, IE 6 and later (Silverlight*): ~the rest

Java support: Everyone--- all the way back to Netscape 4!

(Figures From Wikipedia)

More encoder improvements

  • Ptalarbvorm development underway


  • Vorbis surround optimization (development toward Ghost)
  • Ogg documentation, Ogg tutorials (combating misinformation)
  • Continued filter/plugin improvements
  • XiphQT and the DirectShow filters continue to be central to

adoption/penetration. That will continue to be true for the forseeable future.

>>> What will happen in the next year

Ship Ptalarbvorm as Theora 1.2

Early Ghost demo? Some publicly visible demonstration of progress. (shipping, assuming reasearch success, is years off)

Better *documentation*. Developers, developers, developers. And artists. And everyone else too.

>>> Breakout, questions:

"How can I help?"


"Implementation questions"

"Usage questions"

"Google! Everyone Panic!"