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* WebM Streaming
* WebM Streaming
* PUT method support
* PUT method support
* Ponnies
* Ponies
[[Category:Xiph-related Software]]
[[Category:Xiph-related Software]]

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Icecast is an open source multi-platform streaming server. It supports Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Theora, and MP3.

External links


  • trunk http://svn.xiph.org/icecast/trunk/icecast
  • kh-branch http://svn.xiph.org/icecast/branches/kh/icecast
    • diff to trunk
      • fast pre-buffering aka burst-on-connect.
        State a burst size in bytes to indicate how much should be sent at listener connect.
      • mp3 accepts artist and title separately on the url.
      • program invocation at stream start and end, per mount based.
      • on-demand relays, activated on first listener, disconnected when listenersfalls to 0.
        Available for master relays as well.
      • multiple Ogg codec streaming. Current codecs handled are Theora, Vorbis, Speex, Writ.
      • Clients are started at theora key frame if theora is being streamed.
      • Added URL and command based listener authentication
      • server xml reload, and reopen logging available via admin url
      • slave startup re-organised so that relays are more independant
      • on xml reload, active sources are updated as well
      • When max-listeners reached, a HTTP 302 code can be sent to redirect clients to alternative slave hosts.
      • authenticated relays, those that match the relay user/pass, bypass the max-listener check

Wish List

As good ideas are never a waste, and for tracking purposes, please list here all the features you're missing in icecast trunk.

Note: please check that the feature you request is not already in trunk before posting !

  • WebM Streaming
  • PUT method support
  • Ponies