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Week 1 May 28-June 4
Spent time reading.
Started Wiki, sent mail to Icecast-dev.
Started learning TurboGears.

June 5
Changed MySQLdb to SQLObject in

June 6
Added genre support to Committed and to svn.

June 7-9
Reading Producing Open Source Software and Rapid Web Applications with TurboGears.
I've had a fever and sinus infection, and been away from the computer a lot.

June 10-13
More reading. Pleased to report that my sinus infection is gone and I am much better.
Started designing database, writing pseudocode to figure out how to switch playlists, etc.

June 14-15
Reading Rapid Web Applications with TurboGears

June 16-17
In Chicago for the Cubs game.
Didn't read much, just at the hotel at night.

June 18
Even more reading in Rapid Web Applications with TurboGears
I'm beginning to realize I repeat myself a lot.

June 19
Finally started working on TurboGears frontend.
Planning on committing the project to svn this afternoon after I get a few things written in there, just so I can get SOMETHING in svn because I feel like a slacker.
Committed initial project files to svn.

June 20-24
Added views to TurboGears app.
Added sample metadata to database.
Reading more in Rapid Web Applications with TurboGears to figure out how to get data from forms and stuff.

June 25-27
Some more reading and trying to figure out forms.
I'm looking at Select-Shuttle TurboGears widget for picking tracks from the database, but then i still have to make filtering the data work. Any suggestions?

June 28
Select-shuttle isn't working, trying to find documentation, help on #turbogears.

June 29
Added README file.
Did some work in to see if that jump starts the form, it doesn't.
Took a look in the toolbox and specifically Select-shuttle's and found a few clues, updated and create.kid.
create.kid was all wrong, all it needed was a few lines of code. needed the variables I supplied to be passed to a select-shuttle module and then assigned to a new object i called create.
Putting that into did not work, I got the error "name 'create' is not defined." I decided to define it in create.kid also, the form displayed but did not jump values. I am not sure what difference that made.

June 30-July 1
I searched online to find the cause of the values not switching lists, I decided it must be related to javascript, but since i know nothing of javascript i have no idea what the problem is.
I still searched to figure out why create wont get defined in Google code search didnt get me any examples, and i found no tutorials and only an antiquated explanation of its function on a mailing list.

July 2-3
Sent an email to Conrad asking for some help. Asked around in #turbogears for help, got no response. Repeated search for documentation and the like.

July 4
Happy Independence Day, I celebrated by drinking a few pints of some tasty British ales. MMMMMMMMMMM Nothing like celebrating our independence from the British than drinking British beer.

July 5
The usual searching, sent an email to the author of Select-Shuttle and as of 7-10 have no response.

July 6
Decided to lay off searching for a while to get real work done, started the backend.

July 7
Read Chapter 12 "Time Operations" and Chapter 13 "Controlling Execution" in Python In a Nutshell to see how to handle the date/time stuff in the backend and see if i could find out how to make it a daemon.

July 8
Heard back from Conrad.
Made a few minor changes to create.kid
Work on the backend.

July 9-11
Found a bit of code on how to daemonize. Cannibalizing it and my old script to make a new one.
Added new variables to
Removed python code block from create.kid, making it the correct way of handling things.
If I cant get Select-shuttle going Im just gonna write my own forms by hand and use some ajax to do the job, its more code, but at least users wont have to download and install Select-shuttle as a dependency.

July 12-13
Realized that I didn't put support in for stopping a playlist. For example, if I schedule a playlist to run from 7pm to 9pm it should switch off of the list onto shuffle mode or to another list.Doing a little re-working to get it the way it should work.

July 14-15
Edited to make stop times work. Moved some stuff around, worked out some logical stuff on paper.

July 16-17
Worked on, asked around on #turbogears for some help with forms. Power went out from 8am until after midnight so I got nothing done on the 17th.

July 18
Committed new version of

July 19-24
Fried computer, spent time reading and waiting on new computer to get here.

July 25-29
Installed Ubuntu on new computer, wrestled with TurboGears, gave up on TurboGears, moved on to the backend. I also cracked the screen on my laptop, my BRAND NEW laptop, and had to send it in for repair. I've invested in a nice laptop case for it and I hope for that to never happen again. I was off of the internet completely for almost 2.5 weeks. Luckily it was under warranty but I lost a lot of time.

August 14
I got the laptop back and started up work again. I want to switch from TurboGears to PyGTK. TurboGears sucks. I looked into Pylons and didnt feel like messing with that sort of thing again. If I want a Web interface at a later time, I will find a better way of doing it, probably writing my own self-contained program.