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List of features demanded by Users


I think an interesting alternative for a GUI would be a XUL interface. I once saw a XUL interface for the Amarok music collection, and it was very neat.


I don't know a lot about the internals from icecast and the like, but it would be really cool if it would be possible to use your software with StreamTranscoder. (have a look at this: I think it's important to be able to split up streams, f.ex. to offer users with a low bandwidth a resampled stream with a lower quality. Though, the problem is, if you want to be compatible you propably will have to abandon any direct interaction with the actual streaming server, and i don't know if that is in your interest.


- XSPF playlist output format by default
- Amarok ( compatibility => XSPF as input format
- generation of xml config file for Ices


- hourly news / logo / commercial support
- scheduling differents playlists at different timeboxes (e.g. dub from 8-10, rock from 10-12, ...)