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I've put a few things that I've been thinking about on this wiki page.
If you would like to comment, please make a note.


Here is a simple structure with explanations.

Database: On a server or sqlite, doesnt matter.

data- table; houses file data.
path- path of file on the file system.
genre- genre example: Rock
artist- artist example: Misfits
title- title example: Hybrid Moments
album- album example: Static Age
playlists- table; definition on databases, scheduling, defined in web-app.
name- playlist name.
description- description of playlist
position- position in playlist, so that play is not started over from beginning. Incremented when track begins.
date/time- scheduling, a tuple of times to play, idk really. any suggestions?
current- designates the currently running playlist, value is 1 or 0.
playlist- table, name of table is playlist? maybe incorporated in playlists table?


coming soon