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Icebreaker is a playlist authoring/scheduling system for Icecast. It uses a database to store playlists and scheduling data. Icebreaker's main objective is to be easy to use, so that writing playlists by hand can be avoided. Icebreaker is being designed to use a web-based interface through TurboGears. Icebreaker is _NOT_ a web-based streamer or a client.


My plans are as follows:

1. Written in Python.
2. Metadata in database.
3. Playlists stored in database.
4. Playlist scheduling.
5. Backend/frontend design, possibly multible frontends.
6. No web server needed, interface comes from TurboGears.
7. Minimal configuration, after all thats why I started the project.
8. SQLObject will be used to work with any database.
--Nickmudd 18:46, 30 May 2007 (PDT)