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Debian 8 Quick Start Guide

Installing Ices2

I.) Open a terminal and operate from the root user.
A.) su to root or skip this step and use sudo if available.
$ su
II.) Install Ices2 with apt-get
A.) Use apt-get or sudo apt-get
$ apt-get install ices2


$ sudo apt-get isntall ices2

Configuring Ices2

I.) Create an Ices2 config file.
A.) Navigate to /usr/share/doc/ices2/examples for some example configuration files to run Ices2 with.
$ cd /usr/share/doc/ices2/examples
B.) Copy an appropriate example configuration file to an appropriate directory
$ cp ices-playlist.xml /home/SOME_USER/.ices2/ices-playlist_v00.xml
C.) Edit some of the basics within the configuration file using nano or a graphical text editor of your choice.
$ nano /home/SOME_USER/.ices2/ices-playlist_v00.xml
II.) Configuration, suggestions, and tips for your configuration file.
A.) Tell Ices2 to run in the background when executed.
B.) Name your stream, define some genres, and give a brief description of it.
  <name>Example stream name</name>
  <genre>Example genre</genre> 
  <description>A short description of your stream</description>
C.) Create and add a playlist to be used.
1.) Use find, pwd, and grep together to pipe out the file contents of your music directory folder to create a playlist.
a.) For example, create a directory and fill it with the music you would like to create
$ mkdir /home/SOME_USER/Music/Streams/Stream-00
b.) Fill that directory with some music files. For example, say you copy over an album composed of .ogg files.
$ cp -r /home/SOME_USER/Music/My_Music_Collection/John_Grisham/Grishams_Greatest_Hits /home/SOME_USER/Music/Streams/Stream-00
c.) Navigate to your stream's music directory and create a playlist.
$ cd /home/SOME_USER/Music/Streams/Stream-00
$ find $(pwd) -type f | grep .ogg > Stream-00_Playlist.txt
d.) You can now open the new playlist file and check to make sure everything checks out.
$ nano Stream-00_Playlist.txt
2.) Add the playlist to the configuration file.
<param name="file">/home/SOME_USER/Music/Streams/Stream-00/Stream-00_Playlist.txt</param>
3.) Tell Ices2 to randomly play selected files from the playlist (shuffle).
<param name="random">1</param>
D.) At this point Ices2 should be ready to roll. However, there are a few more settings you will want to change. Refer to the ices docs for more detailed configuration.
1.) Assuming Ices2 is running on the same machine as Icecast2 make sure the hostname and port match that of the icecast.xml configuration file for Icecast2
2.) Change the password to match the source password configured in the icecast.xml configuration file and change the default mountpoint.

Start Ices2

I.) Start Ices2!
$ ices2 /home/SOME_USER/.ices2/ices-playlist_v00.xml

Stop Ices2

I.) To stop ices2 we can send it a SIGTERM with killall to terminate it in a friendly manner.
$ killall ices2