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This is an experimental subgroup aimed at solving specific project barriers in a timely fashion.

Alot of energy has gone into Xiph, and while producing extremely useful software, it's history is also littered with frustrated, burned out hackers. I'd like to see us evolve a new way of working, and I believe this begins by a subgroup forming a vision, goals, and a strategy towards getting these goals met.

  • Hyperfish members will:
    • work openly and *transparently*, even if we're the only person working on a project
    • report *regularly* to the group how we are progressing (ie, if we're on schedule)
    • meet monthly (on IRC) to discuss our progress, timeline, and collectivly brainstorm


  • Each HyperFish project will have:
    • clearly documented purpose and list of needs
    • milestones with specific dates for completion
    • frequency of progress reports expected, depending on the size of the project and how critical it is


If this process proves useful, it will hopefully be adopted by Xiph as standard procedure.



It's basically what OggFile was suppost to be; a universal Ogg stream handler through "codec plugins" so that media players, stream software, encoders, etc don't have to add support for each codec seperatly. This is a basic foundation for most other projects, since if they are codecs they will reach our audience faster through it and if they're applications they'll be able to use all current and future Ogg codecs with only one API to support.

It needs developer time both for coding and for settling on an easy to implement API that's flexible enough to handle any kind of future codec (including meta/effects codecs).

The first milestone is a rough API blueprint for which future discussion can take place through. This will be documented on project page and ready for discussion by Wed. Nov. 24th.

Future milestone will be discussed and detirmined at the next (first) meeting.

Next Meeting

We're going to have our first meeting Wednesday, November 24th, 23:59 GMT (7pm EST) on irc.freenode.net channel #Xiphmeet - it will be mostly preliminary visioning, since most everything depends on OggStream (or equiv)