How to do a release

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You made a new release, the world is waiting for it. Here is what to do:

Prepare a tarball

make dist

Ideally, offer binaries for the different systems.

Repository check-in

Check-in your release and the updated checksum files MD5SUMS and SHA1SUMS to

Extending the checksum files is easy on a Unix machine:


Website update

After about 30(?) minutes repository changes will be visible on

Then you should update the download section on the Xiph website. In there repository this file is located at


Announce your release where apropriate. This can include

  • Announce
  • Vorbis-Dev (yes, for non-Vorbis releases as well)
  • your blog
  • the project's FreshMeat page
  • <other suitable places>

It might also be a good idea to notify people maintaining ports of your project.

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