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Etheora is a a simplified API to programming theora video encoding/decoding applications with ogg containers. It uses and encapsulates libtheora + libogg API and structures, so users need to know very few about video and data containers.

An encoding process is made by these steps: /*a context declaration.*/ etheora_ctx *ec; /*encoder configuration.*/ etheora_enc_configure(&ec, width, height, ETHEORA_ASPECT_NORMAL, fopen("output-video.ogg"), fopen("debug_info.txt")); /*encoder start.*/ etheora_enc_start(&ec); /*drawing next frame, by puting a r,g,b or y,u,v pixel in (i,j) coordinate*/ etheora_enc_rgb_draw(&ec, i, j, r, g, b) (alternative: etheora_enc_yuv_draw()), /*submiting frame to encoding.*/ etheora_enc_nextframe(&ec); /*submiting last frame to encoding by finishing the process.*/ etheora_enc_finish(&ec); The decoding process is quite similar. /*a context declaration.*/ etheora_ctx *ec; /*decoder configuration.*/ etheora_dec_configure(&ec, fopen("input-video.ogg"), fopen("debug_info.txt")); /*decoder start.*/ etheora_dec_start(&ec); /*reading video data.*/ etheora_get_width(&ec); etheora_get_heigth(&ec); etheora_get_fps_numerator(&ec); etheora_get_fps_denominator(&ec); etheora_get_aspect_numerator(&ec); etheora_get_aspect_denominator(&ec); /*getting next frame by decoding it.*/ etheora_dec_nextframe(&ec); /*getting frame data, by reading a r,g,b or y,u,v pixel in (i,j) coordinate*/ etheora_dec_rgb_read(&ec, i, j, &r, &g, &b) (alternative: etheora_dec_yuv_read()), /* finishing the process.*/ etheora_dec_finish(&ec); the functions _yuv_ and _rgb_ works transparently with OC_PF_420, OC_PF_422 and OC_PF_PF_444, having the libtheora version used support for them or not.

Etheora is documented here:

Etheora code is here:

Etheora examples are here:

Etheora still doesn't have audio/speech support. (Although it can get video data from videos with audio). And uses internally the old libtheora API (ie, not the theora-exp).