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  • Make the Ogg/Vorbis only build work again (requires removing the static references to Theora/Kate in Durationscanner)
  • DONE: Make it work in Netscape 4 (plugins.ini access is killing it)
  • Make 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 work.
  • Chaining support. (At least 'play through' on an icecast stream)
  • Vorbis low-pass mode to reduce aliasing when the pluging is producing µlaw output for a 1.1 JVM.
  • Perceptual noise shaping for the ulaw output (if we're feeling sufficiently insane)
  • New Vorbis implementation? Must benchmark and test with old JVMs.
  • Dirac support?
  • Improved duration scanning, seeking, and support for the index when its finalized.
  • Make the ant build scripts produce proguarded binaries. (See
  • Rethink Cortado's buffer management (default values and logic)