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* [[Spread Open Media]]: [[User:Saoshyant|Ivo Emanuel Gonçalves]]
* [[Spread Open Media]]: [[User:Saoshyant|Ivo Emanuel Gonçalves]]
* Xiph Web: ePirat
* Xiph Web: ePirat
* Xiph Wiki: ePirate, j^
* Xiph Wiki: ePirat, j^
* Xiph SVN: j^
* Xiph SVN: j^

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Administration Information

Xiph is a benevolent dictatorship led by Monty, but decisions on administrative things are delegated to a committee. The committee consists of Monty, Ralph Giles, Jack Mofitt, j^, and Silvia Pfeiffer.



Decision process

Anything that looks like it's officially authorised by Xiph needs approval.

This may be something that goes on the web or on the wiki or anywhere else.

If you would like something to as officially authorised, get approval from somebody on the committee (ultimately from Monty if it's unresolvable) beforehand.

For web pages, you should in particular not edit them in svn or send a patch to the web maintainer unless you have approval.

See also

  • the People page for an overview of everyone in Xiph