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Talk:Vorbis Hardware

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Vorbis encoder location
:I have now moved VLSI Solution's Ogg Vorbis chips to the top of the list. My rationale is that the VS1053 is the only Ogg Vorbis encoder of the whole group, so I felt this to be OK now that the encoder has been officially released. However, I _am_ still affiliated with the company (read: I wrote the encoder and I am very proud of it), so if you think my reasoning really stinks, feel free to undo my changes. [[User:RealLeo|RealLeo]] 01:51, 4 December 2007 (PST)
- RealLeo: I'm trying to do a streaming audio link using the VS1053 and found the encode->transmit->decode lag to be about 700ms. Is it possible to decrease the Ogg packet size to decrease the streaming latency? Thanks!

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