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Easy Transcoding on Windows
== OpenCL and Theora: feature request ==
This is a feature request to have OpenCL in the reference Theora encoder and decoder (libtheora codec).
OpenCL on the GPU can accelerate the encoding and decoding process significantly, while being more energy efficient and relieves the CPU that has to do all sorts of things even without the transcoding job.
Please add OpenCL support with GPU encoding and decoding to the libtheora codec.
(Same thing for Dirac.)
[[User:DOS386|DOS386]] 07:39, 2 August 2007 (PDT)
: Bugs not fixed in 0.20, now 0.21 is out, will retest [[User:DOS386|DOS386]] 21:56, 28 May 2008 (PDT)
== Lossless compression feature request: lossless mode for Theora II two (bitstream format two? ) ==
Could theora II also have lossless compression integrated.
 For many people it is important, especially people who take their movies seriously. or when it matters to have no data loss.  [[User:XpeteVmol|XpeteVmol]] 20 May 2008
:You had asked this on [[Talk:Main_Page]] already. We now have:
:* Dirac lostless mode (BSD-like free, but not yet ready)
:IMHO no need for Theora lostless. I suggest suspending this issue for a month or 2, then, when Theora 1.0 is out and Dirac is more mature, choose a preferred OGG lostless video codec ;-) [[User:DOS386|DOS386]] 21:52, 28 May 2008 (PDT)
:: Lossless compression would still be a good thing to have for Theora.
:: Even if there are other formats available that can do lossless.
:: Not convinced about using another codec, a lossless mode for Theora is useful. :: --[[User:Vmol|Vmol]] 25 Jul 2009
== Are these features okay for theora or not? ==
Thank you for the open source codex theora with tools.
It looks like there are a lot of features which is very good.
However there is no variable frame rate support.
Is there double buffering in the theora decoder?
On blendernation there was an article where there was talked about
double buffering added in a theora decoder, or something like that.
(I'm not sure and haven't found the article on blendernation.)
This was part of adding a video texture player in Blender:
When searching with google, there is no mentioning of double buffering in the theora decoder.
Wat was interesting to read,
with integrating double buffering in the blender video project.
The cpu consumption was a lot lower.
Are these things good ideas for the theora project?
[[User:Vmol|Vmol]] 31 March 2009
== Easy Transcoding on Windows ==
I strongly support this point. I have found not a single Windows OGG Theora application that:
-allows for batch converting and writes out a working video stream without generation of artifacts (SUPER, MediaConverter and VLC fail in one or more of these areas) <-'''Priority Critical'''
-Is GUI based <-'''Priority Critical'''
-Provides the user with the ability of configuring video settings for several videos at once or individually (Something like the Adobe Media Encoder does). <-'''Priority Nice to have'''
IMO the solutions for professional batch conversion on Windows systems as it is (ffmpeg2theora controlled via a .bat file with a recursive function and writing your own scripts) lacks usability. Also a plugin that integrates into programs like Final Cut, Premiere of After Effects might be a good way to pave the way for OGG as an industry standard.
--[[User:Dunkelzahn|Dunkelzahn]] 09:00, 28 September 2010 (UTC)

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