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* '''General Usage:'''
** [[Ogg_Index]]: Introducting index headers into Ogg
** [[Metadata]]: Various types of Ogg metadata including the [[M3F]] (Multimedia Metadata Format) and [[XMLEmbedding]]
** [[MIME_Types_and_File_Extensions]]: MIME Types and file extensions for Ogg multimedia files
** [[OgglessSubtle]]: Embedding Xiph Subtitling tool for professional use that intends to support most subtitle formats including CMML and OggKate** [[OggText]]: A generic media mapping for (discontinuous) text codecs like Vorbis in containers other than into Ogg** [[ROE]]: A description format for describing the tracks and languages etc. of an Oggmultitrack composition
* '''Compressed Codecs:'''
** [[GhostOggOpus]]: A low-latency lossy audio codec** [[Daala]]: A "next-generation" audio video codec (vapourware so far -- don't hold your breath)research project** [[OggCELTTheora]]: A lowlossy video codec [[TheoraTodo]]** [[OggDirac]]: The "next-latency audio generation" wavelet based video codec, lossy or lossless
** [[OggMNG]]: A mapping for encapsulating the MNG animation format in Ogg
* '''Uncompressed Codecs:'''
** [[OggKate]]: A codec for karaoke and text encapsulation in Ogg
** [[OggPCM]]: New Uncompressed PCM audio, currently being implemented (formerly Draft2)
** [[OggSpots]]: A mapping for encapsulating timed images in Ogg
** [[OggUVS]]: Uncompressed RGB and YUV video, under active development (preferred to OggRGB and OggYUV).
* '''Abandonware''' (nobody working on those as far as we know)
** [[Ghost]]: A "next-generation" audio codec (vapourware so far -- don't hold your breath)
** [[Oggless]]: Embedding Xiph codecs like Vorbis in containers other than Ogg
** [[IceShare]]: P2P content distribution
** [[OggPCM_Draft1]]: Original uncompressed PCM audio proposal

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