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Suggestions: BUMP
Done (just didn't want to trample all over the front page) -- [[User:Imalone|Imalone]] 04:33, 2 February 2006 (PST)
== Lock This Page ==
On all/most other wikis the Main Page is locked so only admins can edit it. Due to the amount of vandalism, I think the [[Main Page]] should be locked and all changes discussed here. --[[User:SonicChao|SonicChao]] 05:11, 27 August 2006 (PDT)
 == Missing Item on Page ==OggUVS isn't mentioned, please add this.:Done !
== Paranoia / cdparanoia ==
::I'm sure you're right, there ''has'' to be more than two. Theora (and Vorbis) is now by default included in the Torque game engine, so there must be a lot of games using it by now. I just polled the Torque community to see if they know of any to help us fill up the list with some successful integrations! --[[User:Sim9|Sim9]] 19:02, 29 October 2007 (PDT)
== Add xvid it's opensource ==
== Add xvid it's opensource ==Please add xvid to choosable usable video format in ogv and others.
It's an open source, mature codec and doesn't have encoder problems theora currently has.
Embedding it makes possible to show off ogv files with a codec that shows the tru power of ogv.
Please make it possible to put this in, so .ogv can be used immediatelly immediately with xvid and vorbis/speex/flac to create a mature and temporary solution until theora 1.0 hits the digital streets.
Then users can just batch convert it with their applications whenever they feel/want to do it.
(When they think theora is ready.)
Could someone please look into this and tell me if this is possible and/or will be integrated?
--[[User:Vmol|Vmol]] 1 February 2008
:Vmol, you should read about the issues a bit before filling up the whole wiki with so many questions. Most of your questions, concerns and statements have already been thought about. In this case here, Xvid cannot be considered because it is a patented format. That means it's not a free format like Theora and Xiph cannot use it. Theora is currently now undergoing the last stages of beta to version 1.0 and quality is already at pair with Xvid. Also, users can't simply transcode from one video format to another; you lose quality everytime you do it, because most video formats are lossy.--[[User:Saoshyant|Ivo]] 12:37, 2 February 2008 (PST)
== Random access Ogg Vorbis decoder written in Java. ==
And I am very glad that now you have an encoder written in Java. Can vorbis-java-1.0.0 also do the decoding?
Is there an example of how to use vorbis-java decoder?
If yes, can it seek, i.e. decode an Ogg Vorbis bitstream from a random position?
--[[User:Sergey|Sergey]] 12:53, 9 February 2008 (PST)
== For lossless video compression, make it possible to have Lagarith codec as video ==
Lagarith is a lossless video codec. Please support it, with supporting I mean that it can be used in the ogg and annodex containers as a native video format.
--[[User:Vmol|Vmol]] 4 May 2008
:There is also HuffYUV besides Lagarith. Also the new Dirac codec supports lossless compression, reportedly better than anything else. Agree, a lossless codec should be added. Just carefully select one of them ;-) [[User:DOS386|DOS386]] 01:31, 4 May 2008 (PDT)
:: Lossless compression would still be a good thing to have for Theora.
:: Even if there are other formats available that can do lossless.
:: Not convinced about using another codec, a lossless mode for Theora is useful.
:: Link to Theora todo page where lossless mode is requested:
:: []
:: --[[User:Vmol|Vmol]] 25 Jul 2009
== Add link to "Reporting Abuse" page on the front page? ==
There's been a bunch of spam recently, but I couldn't find any way to report abuse. I've added a skeleton page at [[Reporting abuse]], could we add a link to the front page?
== Abuse ==
It's necessary to something about the excesive abuse of this Wiki, link approval is the minimal step for now. Also some additional barriers for registration should be considered. Also a stronger captcha, "3+4" isn't that efficient. [[User:DOS386|DOS386]] 12:44, 16 November 2009 (UTC)
== Editing Theora? ==
Is Theora considered an 'editible' format? Theora seems to be lossy - Is there a lossless, open format for video for use as a 'source' file type? There are a couple editors listed, but they seem pretty 'fringe' - anything more mainstream? If one wanted to create a 'video warehouse' that was 'pure' with respect to open formats, which file type/codec type would i use? 2009-12-25 15:55 [[User:BenTes]]
:: > Theora seems to be lossy
:: It '''is''' lossy
:: > Is there a lossless, open format for video for use as a 'source' file type
:: See above, HuffYUV, Lagarith, and Dirac
:: > one wanted to create a 'video warehouse' that was 'pure' with
:: > respect to open formats,
:: :-)
:: > which file type/codec type would i use?
:: For final video, Theora. For intermediate files:
:: * HuffYUV or Lagarith (can exist only inside AVI ??? but this could be changed)
:: * YUV4MPEG (is 'pure' but not compressed)
:: * Dirac in lossles mode (very slow)
:: 2009-12-26 15:36 [[User:DOS386]]
== Plumi (Plone Plugin) - Open Source Web Content Management Software - Shares / Plays OGG / Theora videos ==
Plone is an open source content management website. Plumi is a Plone plugin that supports sharing and playing OGG videos (OGV) using the open source Cortado applet.
"Plumi is a package of Plone products that enable you to create your own video sharing site. By adding it to an existing Plone instance you can quickly have a wide array of functionality to facilitate video distribution and community creation."
== Suggestions ==
*1. Remove Speex from the sidebar, move Opus on the top, same for the locked Main page content
*2. Create a [[AllXiphCodecs]] page, listing all codecs, including the historical, obsolete and abandoned ones
* [[User:DOS386|DOS386]] 2012-Dec-22 2013-Feb-04

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