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Icecast Server

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== About == '''Icecast ''' is an opensource multi-source platform streaming server for Unix/Linux and Windows. It supports [[Ogg ]] [[Vorbis]], Ogg [[Theora ]], and [[MP3]].
== External links ==
* [ / Icecast homepage]
* [ Stream directory]
* [ Icecast archive / forum] - an Icecast mailing list archive that combines both user and dev lists. It is hosted by [ Nabble]. You can search or browse Icecast discussions here.
== Development ==
***When max-listeners reached, a HTTP 302 code can be sent to redirect clients to alternative slave hosts.
***authenticated relays, those that match the relay user/pass, bypass the max-listener check
[http== Wish List == As good ideas are never a waste, and for tracking purposes, please list here all the features you're missing in icecast trunk. Note:// Google排名研究]please check that the feature you request is not already in trunk before posting ! * WebM streaming* OggOpus streaming* PUT method support* Ponies [http[Category:// surgical lamprelated Software]]

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