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Speex FAQ

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There are many possible causes for that. One of them is errors in the way the bits are manipulated. Another possible cause is the use of the same encoder or decoder state for more than one audio stream (channel), which produces strange effects with the filter memories. If the input speech has an amplitude close to +-32767, it is possible that at decoding, the amplitude be a bit higher than that, causing clipping when saving as 16-bit PCM.
=== Can Speex run on fixed-point processors or DSPs ? ===
Yes. You can compile Speex for fixed-point CPUs by passing the --enable-fixed-point option to the configure script or defining FIXED_POINT.
=== What architectures are supported? ===
Speex is designed to run on pretty much and any CPU that can do 16x16 multiplications. That includes:
* x86
* PowerPC

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