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Talk:OggPCM Draft1

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'''Do we need signed/unsigned data flag?''' Seriously - No. The data can be easily changed to record signed as default losslessly. Unsigned 8-bit data (where 128 is the type of samplemedian) is easily changed to signed, ie, signedand changed back if being saved as RIFF/WAV (which only supports unsigned8-bit).  '''Do we need to record int/float data flag?''' Can int/floatdata be losslessly (and easily) converted? If so, we should probobally keep all data as signed int and wether itlet the application convert as nessesary.   '''Do we need to offer endian data flag?'''s  LSB/MSBcan be changed losslessly, one should probobally be settled on for the data and stick with it. It's a fainly low-CPU process to change the endian on the application side in any event, and if the application uses the bitpacker, this isn't even an issue. ?

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