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Spread Open Media

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'''[ Spread Open Media]''' (or SOM) is a project to promote the different Xiph.Org Foundation formats. You may help create or edit content in the official site by making edits in this wiki.
== Roadmap ==
=== Milestone 0 4 === * (DONE) Get accounts to key developers* (DONE) Fill out this wiki with information from our discussions and slides * Explanation of what spread open media is and what not (in multiple languages?)* Examples of best practices such as an interview I did with SJ Klein for the OLPC (Bjorn)Build a strong community* Clear and concise description / definition for open media formats, until now I focussed on using Bruce Perens' Open Standards definition (Bjorn) === Milestone 1 ===Create SHARE application
* blog 10 posts using the tags and standards setup == How to translate SOM content ==This is easy. If you have a XiphWiki account (Cameron + Jon + Bjorn + Ivoyou may login through OpenID)* A nice looking theme for go to the website (keep multiple languages in mind?) (Cameron)** Wordpress theme based on mockup original page, say [[Spread Open Media/en/FAQ]] and replace "en" by Ivo and Sebastian Kraft's pirate-smile logo whatever language you speak (IVO)* When all accomplishede.g. ja for Japanese, pt for Portuguese, launch PR + news posting about this release (cameronetc.)
=== Milestone 2 ===If the link is '''Spread Open Media/en/It_is_a_nice_day''', then it becomes '''Spread Open Media/fr/It_is_a_nice_day''' if you are translating to French. Then, at the top of the article, the header, translate "It is a nice day" back to your language. Why? Because the link's name has to remain equal or the staff will not understand where is the French/Chinese/etc counter-part of the "It is a nice day" page, but if there's no translation of the title "It is a nice day" somewhere in the page, the staff won't know what to call the translated page when it's time to import it to the main site.
* Prepare initial promotional campaigns* Tutorials about using / creating open media on multiple platforms* When all accomplished, launch PR + news posting about this release (cameron)Don't forget to also sign at the end. Put a "Translated by " in your language so that you get appropriate credit.
=== Milestone 3 ===You may also want to translate the [[Spread Open Media/en/Interface|site's interface]].
* When all accomplished, launch PR + news posting about this release == How to contribute original content ==
=== Milestone 4 ===* When all accomplishedGo to [[Spread Open Media Contributions]] for a list of proposed additions to SOM. You can add your own, launch PR + news posting about this releasetoo.

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