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MPL/GPL/LGPL license. For more details about Mozilla licesing refer to [ Mozilla Code Licensing].
OggPlay is a '''work in progress''': the first release should be availably by mid-2007.
OggPlay is located on developed under the [ Annodex]project, which has been moved in March over to the co-operation with Xiph.Org servers. SVN Git access to the source code is available through [http://svngit.annodexxiph.netorg/?p=liboggplay.git git:/trunk/].
== Developer's Guide ==
=== Linux ===
1. It is assumed that you managed to check out current sourcesof the plugin from tree (e.g. ''svn co http:\/\/\/liboggplay\/trunk \.\/liboggplay'').The rest of the installation steps assume that you checked outthe code For instructions how to the ''./liboggplay'' directory.  2. To compile liboggplay, in the main 'liboggplay' directory do: ''./<br>./configure<br>make; make and install<br> 3. As a result Linux version of the checkout you should have a ''OggPlay Mozilla plugin'' directory underthe ''liboggplay'' tree. After a sucessful build you should have the followingfiles: ''plugin/.libs/<br?plugin/npliboggplugin.xpt''<br> Copy those file refer to ''.mozilla/plugins'' in your local directory by executing '''''' or directly copying them e.g. ''cd plugin<br>cp .libs/ $HOME/.mozilla/plugins<br>cp npliboggplugin.xpt $HOME/.mozilla/plugins'' 4. The 'plugin' directory also has a test html page you can use to test the plugin (see ''./plugin/test/test.html''). Alternatively, you can go to:[http://mediawiki.annodexxiph.netorg/cmmlwiki/SFD2005-Trailer http://media.annodexindex.netphp/cmmlwikiOggPlay/SFD2005-TrailerLinux Linux Developement and Intallation Guide] to test the plugin. If you can see the video playing using either method the plugin is successfully installed. Enjoy!
=== Windows ===
The Win32 version of the plugin has been developed and tested on Win200x/XP platforms.
For detailed instructions how to setup Mozilla plugin development environment and start hacking on Win32 version of OggPlay Mozilla Firefox plugin go to: <br>[ Win32 Development Envrionment Setupand Installation Guide.]
The same link provides links to the plugin binaries and instructions how to install and test Oggplay Mozilla plugin.
=== MacOS ===
Check out, put it in a working directory somewhere, run the script, and follow the directions.
== Plugin Javascript API ==
View the [[OggPlayJavascriptAPI | draft OggPlay plugin Javascript API]]
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