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Binaries of the OggPlay Mozilla plugin
To compile and start hacking on Win32 version of OggPlay plugin you need to check out [ OggplayPluginWin32SDK] from [].
(you need to point your svn client to : If you are using Tortoise SVN create a new directory in your favourite development location on your hard drive. Then navigate to the location where the new directory has been created. Use left mouse click on the directory where you want to check out the plugin code and development configuration and select '''SVN Checkout''' option in the context menu. In the repository URL provide and checkout the head revision of the plugin sources ('''Note:''' The . Please note, that the checkout can take a while over slow links because the plugin requires a number of libraries such as:
* libogg
* liboggplay.
When your checkout is completed navigate to ''sln/plugin_all_200x''' (e.g. plugin_all_2005 for Visual Studio 2005). You should be able to open the ''plugin_all.sln'' file. The development configutation by default assumes that you installed gecko-sdk (with working version of '''xpidl''' compiler) in a directory parallel to the directory where you checked out the pluginsources.In paritcular, the directory structure by default should be as follows: * .\gecko-sdk** .\gecko-sdk\bin\ ('''xpidl.exe''')* .\plugin_sources** .\plugin_sources\lib** .\plugin_sources\project_files** .\plugin_sources\sln*** .\plugin_sources\sln\plugin_all_200x ('''plugin_all.sln''') [of course the names of the Gecko SDK (''.\gecko-sdk'') above and directory storing plugin source files (''.\plugin_sources'') can be completely arbitral] If you have '''Gecko SDK''' in different location in relation to ''plugin_all.sln'' file you will need to go the ''Properties'' of liboggplugin project in Visual Studio and find ''nsILibOggPlugin.idl'' file in the sources of that project. Next you need to change the directory of the custom compilation step (i.e. left-click on ''nsILibOggPlugin.idl'' file, choose ''Properties'' expand ''Custom Build Step'' and in ''Command Line'' option change the relative path to the location of '''xpidl''' compiler as well as to Gecko SDK ''.\idl'' directory. You can test the setup by compiling just the ''nsILibOggPlugin.idl'' file. If the build is sucessfull you can start compiling the plugin. In particular, compiling the default '''liboggplay''' project should build all the project in the VS solution and build the plugin in the end. The plugin binaries as well as binaries of other libraries on which plugin depends can be found under ''.\plugin_sources\sln\plugin_all_200x\debug'' if your default build configuration was '''Debug'''. When the plugin is released the '''Release''' build will be compiled to .\plugin_sources\sln\plugin_all_200x\release. By default a post build step is copying the plugin files ('''npliboggplugin.dll''' and '''npliboggplugin.xpt''') to ''C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins'' (default Mozilla Firefox location). If you have Mozilla Firefox installed in a different location you need to change the path in '''liboggplay''' ''Post-Built Event'' configuration (left mouse click on '''liboggplugin''' project then ''Properties'' then expand '''Build Events''' and navigate to '''Post-Built Event''').
== Binaries of the OggPlay Mozilla plugin ==
For people not interested in developing the plugin but willing test it on their own machine are very much encouraged to download the following binaries of the pluginfrom:
[http://wikiwww.xiphannodex.orgnet/software/plugin/index.php npliboggplugin.dllhtml Plugin Installator]<br>[ npliboggplugin.xpt]
Both file should be placed in The installer places the Mozilla plugin directory. You will need to restart binaries in default system Mozilla after copying the plugin files to ''plugin'' directory. This is usually ''C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins'' unless your Mozilla Firefox has been installed in different than default location. To test the plugin go to [ cmmlwiki]. If you see the video playing then you successfully installed the plugin. Enjoy!

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