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Preliminary Agenda
== 2007 May MonthlyMeeting ==
Is to be held on Wednesday, 2nd 16th of May at 06:00 UTC *) unless otherwise agreed on IRC and/or mailing lists. <!--<sup>*) 18:00 UTC on odd numbered months (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11), 06:00 UTC on even numbered months (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12)</sup>-->
== Preliminary Agenda ==
* moving from trac to bugzilla ( paging j^ )* Google Summer of Code 2007; how are the projects/candidates going?* discussing current proposals to use Xiph codecs outside Ogg and which one we should endorse[ 1] [ 2]* Mailing list "discussion" as asynchronous IRC complement* I, Ivo, have talked with Monty about this proposal from the mplayer people, and we decided it would be best to reach a consensus between the concerned parties (i.e. our codec developers).* put an end to the bloody extension mess. Check if we all agree with the current [[MIME Types and File Extensions]] proposal.
* libao
** '''BeN [F1233 121D3R]''' [ offer to mantain libao] and provide a [ libao win32 patch].
* theora
** What about releasing 1.0alpha8 with current svn of theora-old, while completing the transition to the new complete decoder (which now is [ slower in many cases])? Current svn of theora-old has a faster decoder and an improved encoderwrt 1.0alpha7.* vorbis** [ development plan for vorbis encoder] (personal note: I do not think this is relevant yet--[[User:Saoshyant|Ivo]] 09:52, 15 May 2007 (PDT))* XSPF** move of XSPF validator of Sebastian Pipping to Motherfish (needs admin access for Python setup, or something like that)** making a priority to add default XSPF support on Icecast (there's a volunteer working on a XSLT for this; MikeS we would like your opinion)
* other project reports/updates
== Where =='s #xiphmeet

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