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Yepp YP-U2
November 17, 2006
I purchased a YP-U2JZW/XAA from Target last night (Clearance 39.90!) and thanks to this page was able to download the firmware mentioned, although the new firmware is '''1.351'''. I just finished flashing the update and am happy to report it works great. I haven't tried an OGG file yet, as I don't use OGG much, but I flashed it mainly to enable UMS mode so that I can drag and drop from iTunes for Windows, and it works wonderfully. I do miss the ability to browse via ID3 tags, but Folders/Filenames will have to do until someone can edit the firmware.
I've had no resets so far, maybe 1.351 fixes the reboots.
Thanks for this wiki page!
== UniBrain iZak ==

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