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* Volkswagen offers a USB interface for their Golf V models optionally, where you can attach a USB mass storage device containing music. MP3, WAV, WMA und OGG Vorbis formats will be played through the car's stereo. Source: [ German PDF price list]
* Yakumo offer the "Hypersound Car" all-in-one unit which plays Ogg Vorbis files, although it is not marketed as such (the Ogg Vorbis support is mentioned only in an appendix to the manual). It supports Ogg Vorbis files on USB, MMC/SD and CD. However, as of early 2006 its firmware is notoriously flaky, no firmware update is available, and it also has poor tuner sensitivity. This is also supplied in unbranded form at various retailers, but it does have a distinctive look. [ Yakumo Car Entertainment] [ Yakumo Support Forum Discussion]
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