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Hi, anyone else thinks the [[VorbisHardware]] page could be splitted into 4...6 sub pages in order to structure the growing content?== Question ==
What about * portable hardware players* static hardware players* third party software in hardware * Projects* Embeddednon-standard encoders and tunings?
Shouldn't you make a page about how to encode vorbis files[JohnRipley] How about a list of third party implementations of the Vorbis codec itself? CommentsFor example: JOrbis, please!and mine :) == Windows Media Player Encoding == [cparker] I'd like to know how to enable Windows Media Player to encode vorbis files directly from the "Rip" tab. I'm using Windows Media Player 9-10. I checked[], and it appears to be quite outdated. (It makes a reference to == HW requirements ? == [xerces8] What CPU power (in terms of popular PC CPUs) is required for realtime decoding of Vorbis ?Does tremor require more/less time/space as the "classic" version ?(I plan to purchase a used laptop to use as a Vorbis playing station, so I need to know, thanks) == RE: HW requirements ? == > What CPU power required for realtime decoding of Vorbis Why don't you test ? 100 MHz Pentium 1 (just a guess) > Does tremor require more/less time/space as the "classic" version ? Space: same/irrelevant/unreproductable (???), time: probably slightly slower [[User:DOS386|DOS386]] 15:21, 19 October 2007 (PDT) == Merge proposal == Any reason for this: * [[VorbisSoftwareEncoders]]: List of libvorbis frontends* [[VorbisEncoders]]: List of encoders (e.g. Xiph, aoTuV, GT, vorbis-java) Merge them ? [[User:DOS386|DOS386]] 15:21, 19 October 2007 (PDT) :I guess that's a solution.--[[User:Saoshyant|Ivo]] 11:16, 20 October 2007 (PDT)

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