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product description scheme
Guys, these spam attacks have to stop! It is always the same IP ranges 60.25.x.x. Is there a way to block updates from such IPs in MediaWiki ?
== product description scheme ==
Now that new Vorbis gadget seem to come in on a weekly basis,
I agree that a page split is inevitable.
Could we also agree on a scheme how and what information about products is posted ? Current scheme is mostly ok, but there are some crappy entries. I'd keep company name first, linked to international company site -- it's confusing if it is used to directly link to the product in question.
Then follow the unlinked names of the products. In the text itself the product names should be linked to their respective sites. Also a short discription of other features would be nice, not just 'supports vorbis'. Then about third party links: only one review per product should be linked, extra photo links and other bullcrap can be skipped. Maybe some firmware links if necessary.
Ingmar (updatemeister)
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