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RoarAudio PlayList Daemon now supports xspf fully (including read support)
'''XML Shareable Playlist Format''' ('''XSPF'''), pronounced "spiff", is a next-generation [ playlist] format for digital media such as songs in Vorbis or MP3 format. This wiki is for developers.
The mime type for XSPF playlists is <tt>application/xspf+xml</tt>, although it has not yet been [ registered] with IANA.
== Help Wanted ==Spec is at
* XSPF reader for amaroK. See [ amarok bug 114360] for details. This would be a simple piece of C++ using QDom or Qt Sax. It would run on Gnu/Linux.= Supporting applications ==
== News ==These are applications which support XSPF and have not yet been added to the [ main applications list]:
November 15* [ Jamendo]** You have to be a member and to select "XSPF" in your preferences to use them by default, 2005but you can look and test a sample playlist here: add [[ XSPF Conformance Tests ]]
October 12, 2005* http: add [[XSPF Wish List]] section//www.** on artist profile pages** on stations and playlists** on genre pages
September 2* Project Opus** see for details** includes modified version of Fabricio's player<blockquote>"We added: A Scrubber/Shuttle so the lister can move the playhead to any point along the song. Time Remaining, Elapsed Time Played, Genre of Song, 2005Origin/Location (city) of artist. Site specific stuff which my not be of interest to others is: major site rewriteReview song link: we were adding as a layer to the player but, it got too large and ugly. Buy song link. And a bunch of nice styling/skin tweaks."</blockquote>
June 4, 2005* trend of XSLT for xspf to html example** is announce** is in practice * Zuardi player modified to support FLV and SWF as well as mp3: http: // * [ RoarAudio PlayList Daemon] == Limited supporting applications ==* foo_xspf - writes xspf files only with location. So the goal of playlist sharing between friends is not achieved. == Non supporting applications listed as supporting ==* php4xspf is PHP - From their page: Note: The classes for generating are stil in alpha and do not incorporate ... even the possibility to parse a XSPF]file.
== See also ==
* [[XSPF FAQ]]* [[XSPF v1 Notes and Errata]]* '''[[XSPF Year 2009]]'''* [[XSPF Conformance Tests]]* [[XSPF Wish List]]* [[XSPF Examples in the wild]]* [[List of known XSPF extensions]]* [[List of known XSPF metas]]* [[JSPF Draft|JSPF]] (''JSON Sharable Playlist Format'' a.k.a. ''XSPF on JSON'') == External links == * [ XSPF specification]* [ Online XSPF Validator]* [ "Valid XSPF" button]* [ Source control for source code, spec, xsltXSLT, validation: http]* [* Source control for web site: website]* [ releases]
* [ A survey of playlist formats], by Lucas Gonze
* TodoListForXspfListServeMigration[ XSPF Reference page on Wikipedia]* [ Old XSPF wiki]
This wiki is new as of spring 2005; are you looking for [http[Category:// the old XSPF wiki?])]

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