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= NOTE: CMML is deprecated; Xiph recommends you use [[Kate]] instead =
'''CMML''' stands for <b>Continuous Media Markup Language</b> and is to audio or video what HTML is to text. CMML is essentially a timed text codec. It allows to structure a time-continuously sampled data file by dividing it into temporal sections (so-called <i>clips</i>) and provides these clips with some additional information. This information is HTML-like and is essentially a textual representation of the audio or video file. CMML enables textual searches on these otherwise binary files.
CMML is appropriate for use with all [[Ogg ]] media formats, to provide subtitles and timed metadata. This description gives a quick introduction only and explains how to map CMML into Ogg. For full specifications, see [].
<stream id="fish" basetime="0">
<import id="videosrc" lang="en" title="Video fish"
granulerate="25/1" contenttype="video/theoraogg" src="fish.oggogv" start="0" end="360">
<param id="vheight" name="video.height" value="250"/>
<param id="vwidth" name="video.width" value="180"/>
Most of this information is optional.
== CMML mapping into Ogg ==
* CMML is described in more detail in the CMML v2.1 specification: [ I-D in svn] or [ I-D]
[[Category:Ogg Mappings]]

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