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Vorbis Hardware

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This is a list of hardware, from !PDAs to DVD players, that can play Ogg
Vorbis files. Hopefully you can find what you want, if not, come back next
week: several companies who can see the value and popularity of Vorbis are
These DVD players can play .ogg files from CD-Rs and CD-!RWs (but
reportedly have trouble with UTF-8 comments that aren’t also ASCII), as
well as !DivX (but not !DivX Vorbis). Reportedly, other DVD players from
KISS Technology also support Vorbis.
Mpman will also be offering the MP-CD550, the international version
of the !FreeMax FW-960.
Independently of Apple, [ some people] have
[ µClinux] (Linux
for !CPUs without !MMUs) running on this. Right now, they are
decoding Vorbis at 80% realtime, with hope for improvement.

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