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== Multiplexing ==
When multiplexing an Ogg Dirac logical bitstream the usual rule of ordering Ogg pages by the temporal equivalent of their marked granulepos is followed. At the beginning of a chain segment, all the bos pages must occur together before any non-bos pages. eos pages may occur anywhere in the stream, but after an eos page, further pages with that serial number must not occur.
If Dirac video is the primary media track in the file, the bos page for theDirac logical bitstream should occur first in the file. If there are multiple Dirac streams multiplexed together, the muxer should place the "default" choice for naive playback as the first bos page. It is recommended that an Ogg Dirac file include an OggSkeleton stream to describe it's components and incorporate metadata. If it does so, the OggSkeleton bos page should occur first, and the other bos pages may occur in any order.
== Streaming Considerations ==

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