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Ogg Vorbis Bitrate Peeling
=== Ogg Vorbis Bitrate Peeling ===
It has been mentioned that implementing bitrate peeling requires a lot of work and most likely changes inthe encoder. This bounty would include changes to the encoder necessary to implement bitrate peeling, as well as the bitrate peeler itself. Note that this is a fully-functional bitrate The peeler, not like must meet the april fool's joke that came out last year following criteria:1. any (2003optionally "prepared")Vorbis stream can be losslessly re-encoded to a lower quality setting2.Several people are willing resulting streams would be identical or nearly identical to donate a stream generated by encoding the original source to the selected quality3. this bountyprocess is reasonably fast (that is, with the initial goal being $500.signifigantly faster than re-encoding from source)
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