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== Agenda ==
* Address wiki spam ([[:Category:Spambots |Spambot]]s are now the most active "contributors")** Use norefer on links to make it less attractive?(default in [[Special:Version|newer]] MediaWiki)
** More conter-measures? (e.g. delete accounts or auto-revert changes by identified spambots)
** Or why not merely install a [[Wikipedia:CAPTCHA|CAPTCHA]] hack for MediaWiki (the software for this wiki)?
* [[OggPCM_Draft1]], [[OggPCM_Draft2]] the whole process** The whole debate has exposed the fact that there is no decision making authority at the moment*** Some people have suggested creating a "steering committee" below the current board** Need a process to "approve" Xiph.Org codecs/standards** Some decision has to be made (in the shorter term) as to what version of OggPCMto adopt.** Should we define membership to -- e.g. am I (jmspeex) a member?
* The new [] site is ready, but someone (with permissions) needs to "install" it instead of the old one. * [[Vorbis]] stills need more support on portable players. Shouldn't a team of Public Relations cover this issue by contacting as many player producer companies as possible? * Annodex update on sw development and the [ Annodex Foundation] * Any news on [ incorrect channel order in oggenc/oggdec]? Updated audio.c and audio.h files from John Edwards are in oggenc2.8 ([ source]). Also, what about merging the full oggenc2.8 and oggdec 1.9.2 ([ source]) in the standard versions, so also we linux users can use these new advanced features? * Suggest supporting OggSkeleton by default in the core Xiph tools that generate concurrently multiplexed streams:Theora's encoder_example, ffmpeg2theora, the elusive OggFile, etc. (added by derf).

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