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Add timebase field to support VFR
The main header packet MUST be the first packet in the stream.
32 "UVS\0" Codec Identifier Word 0 32 0x0 " " Codec Identifier Word 1
16 [uint] Version Major (breaks backwards compatability to increment)
16 [uint] Version Minor (backwards compatable, ie, more supported format id's)
16 [uint] Field Rate Numerator
16 [uint] Field Rate Denominator
32 [uint] Timebase (hz)
32 [uint] Field Image Size (in bytes)
32 [uint] Number of extra headers
* The number of extra headers field counts the number of headers following the comment packet and preceding the data.
* Field Rate and Timebase: The Timebase field is used to change the time base of the granule position. The special value 0 indicates the the value (1/Field Rate). If the Field Rate values are set to zero, the content uses a variable field rate. In all cases the absolute field time is determined by (granulepos/Timebase). At least one of these two values must be declared.
Examples of valid descriptions of 29.98fps video:
Field Rate = 2998/100, Timebase = 90000, granulepos of first frame = 3002
Field Rate = 0/0, Timebase = 90000, granulepos of first frame = 3002
Field Rate = 2998/100, Timebase = 0, granulepos of first frame = 1
==== Layout ID ====

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