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Talk:OggPCM Draft1

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'''Do we need signed/unsigned data flag?'''
Not really. The data can be easily changed to signed as default (almost?) losslessly. Unsigned 8-bit data (where 128 is the median) is easily changed to signed, and changed back if being saved as RIFF/WAV (which only supports unsigned 8-bit).
However, it wouldn't hurt to support it. Applications can be built to support one or multiple formats, thus requesting conversion if not supported by the codec.
'''Do we need to record int/float data flag?'''
Can int/float data be losslessly Some codecs (and easilyVorbis) converted? '''No.''' The real question here is if use floating point is really nessesarysamples nativly. Others only support int. Support for it could always be added in a later minor version, if it becomes nessesary. Remember that this codec int/float data flag is primarily for "internal use" between the application and a compressed audio codec (ie, Vorbis, FLAC, Speex)thus important.

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