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Vorbis Hardware

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Non-consumer products: add OggBox
This is a list of hardware of all categories, from chipsets to ready-to-use products, that support Ogg [ | Where To Buy Phentermine][ | Watson HydrocodoneVorbis][ | 30mg Phentermine][ | 10 325 Hydrocodone][ | Purchase Phentermine][http://purcha_hydrocoHardware support status for Ogg Vorbis is relatively good, you can choose between a huge number of mobile flash players, many HDD based players and a respectable number of Hi-Fi components.fiberiaMore than 50 different companies offer a total of more than a hundred products for virtually every application, there is even a knife that can play Ogg Vorbis now ;-).com | Purchase Hydrocodone][http://phenterminpillIf you can't find a suitable player come back next week -- new products are added on a weekly basis, as many companies are working to support Vorbis on their | Phentermine Pill][ | Phentermine Price][http://phentermineprIf you know of any hardware or projects that are not yet mentioned here, please add them to the | Phentermine Prescription][ | Phentermine Online Purchase][ | Phentermine On Line]== Consumer products ==[ | Phentermine For Sale][httpThe following music players support Ogg Vorbis either out of the box or after a firmware upgrade:// | Phentermine Diet Pill][ | Phentermine Sales]* [ | Phentermine 37 5-mg][ PortablePlayers| Phentermine 37 5Portable players (mobile players)][ | Phentermine Yellow][ | Phentermine Weight Loss][ | Phentermine Tablet][ | Phentermine Review][http:PortablePlayers// Flash| Phentermine Prescription OnlineFlash Memory Storage][ | Phentermine Pharmacy][ | Phentermine Online][ | Phentermine No Prescription][http:PortablePlayers// Harddisk| Phentermine HydrochlorideHarddisk Storage][ | Phentermine Hcl][ | Phentermine Cod][ | Phentermine Blue][http:PortablePlayers// 2FDVD_Audio_Players| Phentermine Amphetamine][http:CD// | Phentermine AdipexDVD Audio Players][ | Phentermine Online Pharmacy][ | Phentermine Diet][ | Phentermine Missouri][http:/PortablePlayers/ 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game consoles), please visit [ | Hydrocodone Lortab][ | Hydrocodone OrderVorbisSoftwarePlayers][ | Hydrocodone Online Pharmacy][ | Hydrocodone Symptom Withdrawal][ | Hydrocodone Use][ | Hydrocodone Drug]== Non-consumer products ==[ | Hydrocodone Picture][http://hydrocodone_over.fiberiaThis is Vorbis in Silicon, meaning chips from which actual consumer products can be | Hydrocodone Overdose][ | Hydrocodone Online Order];[ | Hydrocodone On Line][ | Hydrocodone Codenglish FineArch][http://hydrocodone_nfoFineArch, Inc.fiberiadeveloped a hardware core and control software for decoding | Hydrocodone Info][http://hydrocodone_m367.fiberia This technology can be integrated into portable players or cell phones, and since it runs at only 12MHz, it uses very little battery | Hydrocodone M367][http: It supports files up to 64Kb/s, but could be scaled to 16MHz and 128Kb/hydrocodone_m363s, at the expense of battery | Hydrocodone M363] For more information, see FineArch&#x2019;s [ | Hydrocodone 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500SigmaTel][http://hydrocodoe_onli.fiberiaSigmaTel makes several chips which support Ogg Vorbis | Hydrocodone Online][httpAfter this quote years ago, we knew it was only a matter of time:// | Hydrocodone Sale][http://hydrocodo_pill<blockquote>"<i>I talked to Deborah Clark, product marketing engineer for audio chipmaker Sigmatel out of Austin, Tex.fiberiaShe is the company's expert in audio | Hydrocodone Pill][ | Hydrocodone Information][http://hydrocodo_bita.fiberiaShe says there is a growing base of support for Ogg | Hydrocodone Bitartrate][http://hydrocodne_pres"We can't keep paying these high licensing fees for this.fiberiaManufacturers would flock to something that's | Hydrocodone Prescription][http:" </i></ | Hydrocodone Overnight]blockquote>[ | Hydrocodone Effects]from a 2000 [ | Hydrocodone Pharmacy][http:/2000/http:09/18/ | Xanax Online Pharmacyhtml column in Forbes][http:// | Viagra Pharmacy][http://http://viagraSome STMP3500-onlinebased devices supports Ogg Vorbis, but there are no notes about this on | Viagra Online Pharmacy][http:// | Snorting Hydrocodone][http://http://phentermine-pharmacy.sbnSigmaTel introduces the STMP3600 with support for Ogg Vorbis, MP3, AAC, WMA and | Phentermine Pharmacy][http:// | Phentermine Online Pharmacy][http:de// | Pharmacy Technician Training][http:10// | Pharmacy Technician Schoolasp][http:// | Pharmacy Technician Career];[http:// | Pharmacy Technician Program][http:// | Pharmacy School Techniciankr Tamul Multimedia][http://http://pharmacy-program-tech.sbnTamul Multimedia manufactures decoding chips for | Pharmacy Program Technician] They claim they have Ogg Vorbis decoding firmware, according to [http:// | Pharmacy Jobs][http:// | Overseas Pharmacy][http:/kr/ | Online Pharmacy Valium][http:html?gisaid=2003031002011367704002 <em>The Digital Times<// | Online Pharmacy Phentermineem>][http://http://online-pharm(Korean) | Online Pharmacy][http:// | Online Discount Pharmacy];[http:// | Mexican Pharmacycom Telechips][http://http://mail-order-pharmacyTelechips has developed the TCC72x, a single chip decoder that can play | Mail Order Pharmacy][http://http://jobs-The TCC72x series is based on on an ARM940T core, and it is used widely in-pharmacyKorea for players such as Iops or | Jobs In Pharmacy][http:// | Internet Pharmacy];[http:// | International Pharmacy][http://http:/fi/ | Hydrocodone Side EffectsVLSI Solution Oy][http://http://hydrocodone-m361VLSI provides two Ogg Vorbis capable | Hydrocodone M361][http:// | Hydrocodone Homatropine][http:// | Hydrocodone Cough Syrup][http:// | Hydrocodone Cash On Delivery][http:fi/en/http:/products/ | Hydrocodone Aspirinshtml VS1000][http://http://foreignis an Ogg Vorbis decoder and controller chip based on a 16-pharmacy.sbnbit | Foreign Pharmacy][http:// | Foreign Online Pharmacy][http:// | Discount Pharmacy][http:// | Discount Online Pharmacy][http:/fi/http:en/products/ | Career Pharmacy Technicianshtml VS1053][http://http://byis a 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