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=== Xiph Quicktime Plugin ===
[ QuickTime Components] is now a project hosted on
=== OggVorbis 5.1 ===
5.1 Sound encoding in Ogg Vorbis.
There are two steps here. Simple coupling and lowpass for the .1 channel, and a full set of tuned modes.
They should be separate bounties.
=== Xiph Quicktime Plugin ===
You have to write a Quicktime Plugin for the Ogg container and the Xiph Codec Family.
[ qtcomponents] provides support for Ogg Vorbis and MNG. This could be used as start.
Xiph Quicktime Plugin has to support endocdingencoding/decoding for:* Ogg Media container **[ qtcomponents] ''has an operational pluggable API for import, it needs some work to be long term supportable. It does not have a pluggable API for exporting at this time.''
* Support for Chained Ogg Streams
**[ qtcomponents] ''imports chained files as multiple tracks in QuickTime. It does not create chained files during export.''
* Support for Icecast Streams (sending is optional)
**[ qtcomponents] ''implements nothing towards this item. First up is a reverse-engineering effort, as the specifications for a streaming media handler have not been published.''
* Support for Xiph Codec Family: Vorbis, Theora, FLAC, Speex, Writ
**[ qtcomponents] ''has code for Vorbis and Speex (not working at the moment) and there is code at [ Damien Drix's site] for FLAC (decode only).''
It must also be possible to use the Xiph codecs in .mov files in combination with other quicktime codecs.
*[ qtcomponents] ''supports embedding media encoded with Xiph codes into .mov files.''
The plugin should work with at least QuickTime 6.x and 7.x on Mac OS X and Windows. (Mac OS 9 would be nice but probably isn't as important.)
All work must be released under the GPL.
Proposed bounty: 100€
=== Aggressive low-bitrate libvorbis encoding improvements for Vorbis I ===
libvorbis has a lot of room for improvement in all quality/bitrate departments, particularly at the lower quality levels / bitrates. There are many directions from which to approach this problem.
To claim this bounty, the following criteria would have to be met:
* A 25%-or-better reduction in bitrate for quality levels -1, 0, 1 on a reasonable testsuite while maintaining qualitative equivilence (or improvement) in community testing.
* No overall qualitative/bitrate regressions in quality levels 2 upwards
* Output ogg files compatible with Vorbis I spec
* Changes under suitable license for re-integration with Xiph.Org libvorbis
Proposed bounty: 200€
=== iPod playback support ===
The [ Linux on iPod] project has vorbis decode working (with alternate firmware) at a good fraction of realtime. It should be a small matter of optimization to get it working
for useful playback.
Proposed bounty: 100€
=== iTunes encoding support Ogg Vorbis Bitrate Peeling ===Encoding support in Apple's iTunes program :Note: a bounty for this project has been posted on []: [ Add bitrate peeling to the standard libvorbis encoding library].<p>Ogg Vorbis bitrate peeling has been a topic brought up time and FLACagain to combat MP3 enthusiasts. But this feature does not actually exist, only the mere possibility abounds. Speex optionalThis bounty is set to change that.</p>The peeler must meet the following criteria:* Any Vorbis stream can be converted (not transcoded) to a lower quality setting* Resulting streams would be identical or nearly identical to a stream generated by encoding the original source to the selected quality* This process is reasonably fast (that is, signifigantly faster than re-encoding from source)The following must also be accomplished to claim this bounty:* The encoding libraries must be updated to create <em>peelable</em> Vorbis streams natively* Old Vorbis streams must be <em>peelable</em> already, or convertable with a utility in order to be made <em>peelable</em>* If older streams are not natively <em>peelable</em>, old <em>unpeelable</em> Vorbis streams must be identifiable and discernable from <em>peelable</em> streams in such a way as to facilitate transcoding streams from the old format* All work submitted must be licenced under a BSD style licence (excepting circumstances where other licences may conflict)
=== FLAC support in libfishsound ===libfishsound currently only supports Ogg Vorbis and Ogg Speexto make it support all Xiph audio codecs you have to add FLAC support.Proposed bounty: 100€

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