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Hi-Fi components: add hifidelio pro
:A wired and wireless UPnP streaming media player. Supports decoding Ogg Vorbis as of the 1.03 firmware.
* [ Hermstedt's] Hifidelio, Hifidelio Pro:The Hifidelio is a music server in hi-fi format and designed to produce high-quality sound. It uses a CD/DVD combo drive and can thus rip Audio-CDs and read from DVD-Rs, and is also able to burn CDs. It has an in-built 4-port ethernet switch, a WLAN interface, can connect to the iPod and other portable players through USB 2.0. It can connect to other Hifidelios through the UPnP/AV standard and to iTunes shares (iTunes shopping is a future feature). The songs are stored on the 80 GB harddisk. Supported formats for decoding are: MP3, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, WMA, FLAC, WAV. The Hifidelio will be available from October, but for now it seems only in GermanyPro has a 160 GB hdd and some other advanced features.
* [ I-O Data's] AVeL LinkPlayer2

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