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Ogg Media Player removed: Xiph generally doesn't use ffmpeg/libav. We prefer to receive and share only libre formats like ogg, webm, opus and soon mp3.
=== Ogg Media Player removed ===
The [ OggHandler] extension which provided a Java Media Player (who does use Java anymore anyway?) and some information about Ogg Media files that are uploaded to the Wiki. As this extension now is obsolete I did not install it, the extension suggested as replacement is very complicated and I think it does more than we could ever need. One of the main problems is that I have no ffmpeg or avconv available at the serverXiph doesn't support non-free media formats, so it is not possible to use TimedMediaHandler anyway. (The OggHandler was not configured properly as well, it seems.) If anyone really needs this, feel free to install avconv or ffmpeg (avconv preferred) at the Server and tell me where it is located, and I can set it up.
== Administration Information ==

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