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As the "project page" now says that Speex is obsolete in favor of OPUS, the Speex pages here (Category) should get updated or deleted
== About =={{historical}}{{delete}}
= Website = The [ Speex homepage] has all the project maintains info. == Hardware == See [[Speex hardware]] for a patentpartial list of supported hardware == Tasks == These are some improvements that could be made to Speex. Let [ us] know if you'd like to work on one of them. * Speech/signal processing (DSP design)** Improve noise suppression (get rid of musical noise) and residual echo suppression** Improve packet-loss concealment (PLC)** Re-write the built-in voice activity detector (VAD)** Improve the 2.15 kbps vocoder mode (there are even 4 unused bits left to use)** Algorithmic optimizations (see if some searches can be simplified/approximated) * Complete fixed-point (DSP development)** Wideband** VBR** Rest of the narrowband modes** Preprocessor (noise suppression, AGC)** Jitter buffer** Arch-specific optimization** More... * Tune (playing with parameters)** Noise weighting filter** Perceptual enhancement * Features (plain C programming)** Implement maximum VBR bit-rate** Implement peeling (write functions to strip some of the bits)*** Peel high-band (wideband -clear audio codec designed for compressing speech data> narrowband)*** Transform 24.6 kbps mode to 15 kbps mode * Documentation** Use questions from the mailing list to create a better FAQ on the wiki** Update the Speex manual based on recent papers** Improve libspeex documentation** Write good example code
== External links ==
* [http[Wikipedia:// Speex homepage]<div style="overflow:auto; height: 1px; ">[ Fine Jewelry][ Gold Jewelry][ Drug detox][httpCategory:// Marijuana detox][ Detox Drinks][ saliva drug detox][ saliva detox][ hair detox][ hair drug detox][ first aid kit][ drug test][ alcohol test][ ovulation test][ earrings][ gold earrings][ pearl earrings][ anklet][ anklets][ belly piercings][ belly piercing][ birthstone][ birthstones][ bracelets][ bracelet][ gold bracelet][ bangle bracelet][ rope braceletsSpeex][ rope bracelet][ gold chains][ gold chain][ beaded chains][ charms][ diamond pendants][ diamond pendant][ cubic zirconia jewelry][ men's bracelet][ men's ring][ silver bracelet][ silver chains][ toe rings][ drug detox][ fine gold jewelry]</div>

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