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Opus for Software developers: add a couple of common questions
The opus-tools package source code contains a small, high quality, high performance, BSD licensed resampler which can be used where resampling is required.
=== How is the bitrate setting used in VBR mode? ===
Variable bitrate (VBR) mode allows the bitrate to automatically vary over time based on the audio being encoded, in order to achieve a consistent quality. The bitrate setting controls the desired quality, on a scale that is calibrated to closely approximate the average bitrate that would be obtained over a large and diverse collection of audio. The actual bitrate of any particular audio stream may be higher or lower than this average.
=== What frame size should I use? ===
A 20 ms frame size works well for most applications. Smaller frame sizes may be used to achieve lower latency, but have lower quality at a given bitrate. Sizes greater than 20 ms increase latency and are generally beneficial only at fairly low bitrates, or when used to reduce external overhead (e.g. by reducing the number of packets that are sent).
=== Forward Error correction (FEC) doesn't appear to do anything! HELP! ===

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