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Iceshare, Peercast or Alluvium?
three answers to the bandwidth problem for grass-roots broadcasting.
Peercast works, now, but it's a relaying system so is only as good as the weakest link in the relay chain and latency builds up as it scales.
Apparently Alluvium works too, but only for Windows clients so I can't test it.
Iceshare is vapourware, but it's conceptually the coolest.
All three will require new users to download and install client software - either a player or a plugin - until the protocols are incorporated out of the box into mainstream vendors' products.
How far apart are Alluvium and Iceshare? Could they be merged?
(edited to add:)Errr... apparently Alluvium is built on top of Swarmcast, which is a proprietary technology...
Which leaves iceshare: now just to get the vapour to condense.
in response to Anonymous:<br />
<em>"IceTracker is a server that keeps track of who's actively sharing certain media and each of their send/receive ratios. IceTracker helps direct IceShare users to better hosts and track individual user's bandwidth and level of participation to reward high bandwidth/participation users with faster peers."</em><br /><br />
doesn't that mean that IceShare <strong>does</strong> rely on a central server? at least central to the stream? or am i getting things wrong here?
[[User:Stellaris|Stellaris]] 04:34, 9 Aug 2005 (PDT)
<br /><br />
<b>Act Lab TV</b> -- Phobos - 2005/7<br>
I've been running a [ peercast radio station] for almost a month now and have had varying results as well. Some days it runs silky smooth while other days I can't listen for more than 10 min. before it times out. If peercast used a swarming technique for it's sharing it would work much better than just relying on each user to give a full stream up to someone else. I really hope that Xiph can get IceShare up and running soon! I also hope my [ slashdot article] has helped bring in some new developers and interest in the project :)
2005/8/8 :: Bloke
Pardon my ignorance but shouldnt this packet distribution be hooked on to the current bit torrent network? act like a plugin?
2006/2/5 :: Is there anyone still working on this? I for one would be glad to help...someone drop me an email.
I have a group of programmers who are interested on building this to use with a project we have been working out for a while. If anyone is interested in helping email me @ - Lion Nov/30/2011 [[User:Lion|Lion]]

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