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Hi, I've got 3 questions, but first let me say thank you for the great explantionsexplanations, I donate to Wikipedia and have also donated here. Great videos. On to the questions:
The 3 questions relate to Sample rate, Waveform Representation and the Frequencies (if you like) ADSR Envelope behavourbehaviour.
Another question relating to capturing ADSR behavour behaviour of frequencies. I came across an idea online that in order to capture transients ADSR behavour behaviour more accurately, you will need (at least) twice the Sample Rate of the the Transients Sustain Rate, otherwise the Transient will be deformed slightly (therefore distorted) - The Transient would still be represented at the output, but because the voltage has "less" samples to go through, the Transient will be less accurately represented compared to what the original Input was. The more samples the voltage runs through smoothly, the more detailed the frequencies ADSR Amplitude behavour behaviour is captured.
Is this statement 100% accurate?

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