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[[OggKate]] was originally designed for karaoke and text. The stream can carry text and images, and these can be animated.
== [[CMML]] (deprecated) ==
CMML is not used anymore; use [[OggKate]] instead. The [[CMML|Continuous Media Markup Language]] allowed time-based marking up of media streams, at its simplest this allowed you to divide media files into clips and provide information about each clip.
== [[M3F]] (unused draft) ==
[[M3F |Multimedia Metadata Format]] is not being developed any moreanymore; use [[VorbisComment]] instead.
The format was intended to replace VorbisComments for the use of ''structured'' metadata, allowing VorbisComments to revert to its orginally intended use of "short, text comments ... much like someone jotting a quick note on the bottom of a CDR."
'''[[M3F|Multimedia Metadata Format]]''' for the Ogg container is was a draft specification which aims aimed to provide metadata for media streams. The exact aims of this project are were still under development, but they include included being able to describe artist relationships to a piece more accurately as well as providing the structure to encourage more reliable metadata. 
== [[XMLEmbedding]] (unused draft) ==
* [ MusicBrainz]
* [ SVG]
At the moment, this This specification is still not past the discussion stage. 
== Aims of advanced metadata ==

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