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DRAFT: Link to the OggOpus draft
- SampleFrequecy is 48000
- Channels is number of output PCM channels
- CodecPrivate is the 'OpusHead' packet, identical to the OggOpus Ogg mapping
The 'OpusHead' format is defined by the [[ Ogg Opus]] mapping. In particular it includes pre-skip, gain, and the channel mapping table required for correct surround output. The second 'OpusTags' header packet from OggOpus Ogg Opus is not used in the Matroska encapsulation. Matroska has its own system for tag metadata, and this avoids duplicating it and the need for sub-framing to index multiple packets within the CodecPrivate element.
If the CodecPrivate is empty and Channels is 1 or 2, players MAY treat it as a sane set of defaults, I guess. e.g. channel mapping family 0, no pre-skip or gain. For Channels > 2 the track MUST be rejected, since there's no way to map the encoded substreams to channels.

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