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The '''Ogg''' transport bitstream is designed to provide framing, error protection and seeking structure for higher-level codec streams that consist of raw, unencapsulated data packets, such as the [[Opus]], [[Vorbis]] and [[FLAC]] audio codec codecs or [[Theora]] and [[Dirac]] video codeccodecs.
== Name ==
Ogg derives from "ogging", jargon from the computer game Netrek. Ogg is not an acronym and should not be mentioned as "OGG".
* Simple mechanism to ease limited editing, such as a simplified concatenation mechanism.
* Detection of corruption, recapture after error and direct, random access to data at arbitrary positions in the bitstream.
== Specification / standard==
The Ogg transport bitstream and file format is defined in RFC 3533 approved 2003-May. As RFC documents are invariable once approved, there will never be newer versions of RFC 3533, but an [[RFC_3533_Errata]] exists instead. Existing flaws are discussed at [[OggIssues]], ideas for the future at [[TransOgg]].
== Detecting Ogg files and extracting information ==
Ogg files do begin with a signature "OggS", this signature also repeats many times inside the file, at the beginning of every page. There are several tools to get information about Ogg files:
* Ogginfo - part of Vorbis-Tools, supports Vorbis codec only (historical Ogg-vs-Vorbis issue), other codecs cause it to report garbage
* Opusinfo - part of Opus-Tools, supports only Opus codec well, only minimal Vorbis support
* Oggz ???
* MediaInfo [] - provides information about media (and some other) files, supports many types, also Ogg with various codecs, generic audio and video information only, no Ogg-specific details
== Projects using Ogg ==
=== Codecs ===
* [[OggCELT|CELTOpus]]
* [[CMML]]
* [[FLAC]] ([ Ogg mapping])
* [[OggKate|Kate]]
* [ Opus] ([[OggOpus|Ogg mapping]])
* [[OggPCM|PCM]]
* [[Ogg Skeleton|Skeleton]]
* libogg: [ libogg svn] (C, cross-platform) Low-level Ogg parsing and writing.
* liboggz: [http://svngit.annodexxiph.netorg/?p=liboggz/ .git liboggz svngit] or [ DEAD:liboggz] (C, cross-platform) liboggz wraps libogg and provides features such as seeking.
* the Ogg Directshow filters: see [ illiminable] (C++, Win32)
* [ HOgg] (pure Haskell)
* [[Oggless]]
* [[MIME Types and File Extensions]]
* [[OggIssues]]
* [[RFC_3533_Errata]] - errors and flaws in the specification
* [[Nut_Container]]
* [ Ogg documentation]
* [ Ogg RFC]
* [ Ogg at Wikipedia]* [ Ogg at Multimedia Wiki]

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