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Playback Troubleshooting

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Watching the clip in 480p quality works fine when watching from the very beginning, but when seeking to an unloaded scene, playback is very poor (Firefox 3.6.13, Windows XP Pro, 2.59 GHz CPU, 1.75 GB Ram here). Workaround: Pause the video and wait for a few seconds until pressing play again.
====Firefox 4.0 (currently in tested betaversions, now obsolete)====
Firefox 4.0 features a new Ogg playback engine that allows considerably faster stream navigation, as well as WebM support.
Opera released an experimental Ogg Theora enabled build in 2007 as the very earliest attempt to support video in a browser ever, official HTML5 video support since 10.50 (Theora only, hangs on some systems), since 10.60 problem is fixed and additionally WeBM is supported.
As of 10.63, controls are visible even with JavaScript off, fully working for WebM, but for Theora only sound volume and already played time indicator do work, there is no total time and no progress / seeking. Opera can only play media files when embedded in HTML5 with mime type properly set, it won't play "isolated" video files, neither from Internet nor from local storage. There are tiny buffering / smoothness issues if CPU performance is insufficient to play in real time. <!--Opera 11.01 is out, but NOSCRIPT is broken in both 11.00 and 11.01, fixed in 11.10-->
Theora offset almost correct ([ example: tiny green stripe at frame bottom], other mirror: []).
===Core Player===
=== DUGL Player 0.44 and 0.50 ===
Theora decoder seems fully compliant, but no sound yet, seeking / timing is bad.
===FFMPEG / ffplay===
As of release 0.6(obsolete, 0.10 is out), ffmpeg supports WebM playback, and Ogg playback is solid with the exception of surround support (eg 5.1 and other surround encodings produced my modern Vorbis encoders will not play).
Prior to ffmpeg 0.6, WebM was not supported and Ogg video playback was broken due to a number of longstanding bugs caused by treating Theora as if it was just VP3 (eg, the 'sheet lightning acid trip' bug that caused the image to disintegrate into a shower of colored blocks). Many applications and video sharing sites (such as YouTube) are still using old versions of ffmpeg internally, and as such, they cannot handle Ogg video unless it is encoded in 'vp3 compatibility mode'.
VLC has had good native Ogg Theora support since the GoldenEye release, Theora decoder seems fully compliant, tiny problems specific to some videos or systems (fixed?), OGG file duration is frequently reported badly or not at all, not fixed in 1.1.6(2.0 is out, needs retest), problem can be reproduced with Theora videos ([ example]) but also with plain audio-only OGG Vorbis files ([ example]). WebM support is available since 1.1.0 (most files do play correctly, some don't?), also OGG Dirac is supported, but problems with insufficient CPU performance.
===Windows Media Player===

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