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Talk:Videos/A Digital Media Primer For Geeks

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32 bit IEEE754 float
:Note that the PCM audio signal, once modulated to NTSC or PAL, can be recorded on any video recorder, not just U-matic. The most common tape format for PCM audio was Sony Betamax. Sony sold Betamax decks bundled with external PCM A/D converter units for the pro audio market. The PCM-F1 was designed to be used with Betacam VCRs. -- Dryo
== 32 bit IEEE754 float ==
The video says that 32 bit floats have 24 bits of resolution and a 7 bit exponent.
This is incorrect. The exponent is eight bits. The mantissa does have a resolution of 24 bits, but only 23 bits are explicit. The encoding has one implicit bit that is always '1'. A 32 bit float can store all possible 24 bit integers exactly. [[User:Xiphmont|Xiphmont]] 17:20, 8 March 2012 (PST)

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