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Ogg Skeleton 4

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The Skeleton logical bitstream starts with an ident header that contains information about all of the logical bitstreams and is mapped into the Skeleton bos page.
The first 8 bytes provide the magic identifier "fishead\0".
After the fishead follows a set of secondary header packets, each of which contains information about one logical bitstream. These secondary header packets are identified by an 8 byte code of "fisbone\0". The Skeleton logical bitstream has no actual content packets. Its eos EOS page is included into the stream before any data pages of the other logical bitstreams appear and contains a packet of length 0. Note the EOS packet appears by itself on its own page (the "EOS page").
The fishead ident header looks as follows ([ inspiration]):
* the bos pages of all the other logical bistreams come next (a requirement of Ogg)
* the secondary header pages of all logical bitstreams come next, including Skeleton's secondary header packets (the fisbone and index packets)
* the Skeleton eos EOS packet appears by itself on the the last page end of the Skeleton stream (the "EOS page").* the Skeleton EOS page ends the control section of the Ogg stream before any content pages of any of the other logical bitstreams appear.
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